What are Multi-Grade Conventional & Synthetic Oils?

Have you searched for motor oils and noticed that some have one viscosity number, while others have multiple numbers? What is going on? What are "multi-grade" conventional and synthetic oils and who should use them?

Just like all liquids, oils will change their consistency based on the temperature. Heat will tend to make motor oil thinner, so it will flow more easily. Coldness will make liquid thicker. The SAE30 motor oil is for a temperature that is fairly consistent and warm. By getting a motor oil with only one grade, you can enjoy the most efficient usage of your vehicle.

If you want an oil for a wider range of temperatures, then the 5W30 multi-grade oil might be more useful. The addition of polymers allows the oil to maintain a desirable viscosity in different climates. We have the answers to vehicle questions. Contact us today for your next oil change.

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